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2c-b commonly known by the following street names: Pink cocaine, tucibi, nexus, venus, , 2's, Toonies, Bromo, Spectrum is a popular psychedelic drug since 1980. It is a favorite for most pychonauts and it replaces MDMA at parties. Its effects are similar to a mix between MDMA and LSD. It's definitely worth trying. We have both the powder and pills for you to choose from. Each pill is dosed at 25mg

Ketamine Powder

Ketamine also known as "special k", was invented to replace PCP as an anesthetic. Over the years, it has gained a lot of interest by psychedelic users and is now used as a recreational hallucinogen. Ketamine is considered safe and the effects are dose dependent. At low doses, the effects are similar to getting drunk on alcohol. At higher doses, the effects are intense and can be scary sometimes, reason why the tip is called a k-hole.

MDMA (ecstasy)

As far as empathogens go, there are few substances that even come close to the power of MDMA. There's a super common misconception nowadays that pills are inherently less pure than powder and that's just not at all true. With pills, you at least know that they have only been adulterated once (at or before the time of pressing), whereas with powder, potentially every dealer who's touched it could have mixed it with something. Molly has a high chance of being adulterated as any pill you get. We, however, only sell pure mdma ecstasy pills. Order now!!