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“Acid allows you to walk through the door to an alternate reality, but most people have no idea how to walk back through.” — Alexander Shulgin Buy pure LSD liquid from us and get to experience the true power of psychedelics in a bottle.
  • 5ml vials
  • 100 drops
  • 150ug per drop

LSD BLOTTER – 100ug Tabs

Alien Psychedelics is glad to bring quality acid tabs to its customers. These blotters are created in a controlled lab environment, and each contains 100μg of LSD-25. Our LSD is the highest quality available, and guaranteed to deliver a memorable high. This is an awesome way to switch it up a bit from the psilocybin high, and try something different! We've made different blotter arts available. Please select the art which you prefer. If you would prefer a customized art, kindly add it to your order note or contact us


LSD gel tabs are a new and convenient way to consume and store LSD nowadays. Acid gel tabs last longer, kick in faster, and hold more LSD than conventional blotters. If you're looking to consume LSD and enjoy intense visuals which will last longer than the conventional LSD blotters, then you'll definitely need to try the LSD gel tabs. Each tab is concentrated with 150ug of Pure LSD